3 More Virtual Conventions for One Low Price

We've got 3 more Unconventional.Fun conventions happening in 2021, and we want you to be at all of them!

$179.99 for our next 3 conventions plus a ton more! 

More Conventions in 2021?

With your help we launched not one but 2 out of the box virtual magic conventions.

Our first was September 2020, you loved it so much, we did another in Feb 2021. 

Now... our inboxes are flooded with the question: "When is the next virtual convention?"

So... we've decided to do not 1, not 2, but 3 more virtual magic conventions in 2021

And, we've even designed a custom seasons pass for our UnConventional community so you don't have to miss a thing

Magicland is Growing

We're levelling up.

Our next 3 conventions are going to be bigger and better.

Instead of 1.5 days, we've extended it to 2 days of Magicland fun.

That means more lectures, panels, shows, dealers, and jams for 3 epic - and possibly sleepless - weekends in our Magicland world.

The convention price has gone up a bit too (from $50 to $75), but we've got a special price for our epic community, if you're coming to all three.

And of course... you'll get all of the recordings for the lectures, panels, and shows for all 3 conventions... So that's 3 unforgettable weekends with 50+ hours of recordings too.

Mark Your Calendars

We think this is the magic convention of the future and we want you to be part of it.

Now is the time to mark your calendars. These are 3 weekends you DON'T wanna miss:

May 29th & 30th
August 28th & 29th
November 27th & 28th

Our last 3 conventions included names like: Asi Wind, Garrett Thomas, Carisa Hendrix, David Williamson, and we promise to keep the talent ball rolling (more on that below).

Don't take OUR word for it...

"Seriously, thank you both for putting together what has literally been the highlight of my entire pandemic. You are legit two of my favoritest people and I'm super gad to have met you.
Here's to the future"

Jack Miller

"Magicland was awesome, fun, enriching and social! It was worth far more than the price but I know you didn't do it all for the money... and the love and caring and hard work all showed.
Thank you deeply!"

Matthew Holtzman

"Thanks so much for all the work you guys put into this event.

It was fabulous.

Now get some sleep"

Mitch Praver

"To put on an A+ Convention you have to care about magicians. 

Ben and Jonah truly care about the expirience and making it awesome and unique."

Kelvin Ng

"Thank you so much for the fantastic convention. Indeed it felt almost real at times, when one could curl near a booth and listen to David Williamson entertain a crowd"

Markus Pfeil

"It was Terrific! A fun concept for a virtual meeting, well executed! The speakers were fantastic, I learned a lot, had a lot of laughs - and there have been far too few of those lately"

Trent Rentsch

Here's What's Included in Your Magicland Pass

For $179 get access to our next 3 conventions plus a TON more bonuses

We think that Magicland is the magic convention of the future, and want you to be part of it.

That's why we put together the Magicland Pass with 3 conventions plus some epic bonuses.

1. Tickets to our next 3 Magicland Conventions: $225

May 29th & 30th ($75)
August 28th & 29th ($75)
November 27th & 28th ($75)

3 Incredible weekends. 2 FULL days each (no more half days). With 50+ Hours or recordings of lectures, panels, and shows. Your UnConventional.Pass that gets you access to all of them

2. BONUS #1: Ticket to TMC April Virtual Magic Show: $30

Did you like Ben and Jonah's energy during the convention? What about a full show of it. We're putting on a ticketed show next month, and we're giving you free tickets. (We haven't announced it yet, but you've got tickets already).

3. Bonus #2: UnConventional.Book PDF (Not for sale anywhere)

After our first convention we made a one of a kind book UnConventional.Book that is not for sale anywhere. This will be yours forever in pdf form so you can get access to exclusive tricks and essays.

4. Bonus #3: UnConventional.JAM (Exclusive)

We want to keep this community stronger than ever, we're hosting a private jam in 2021 JUST for UnConventional Pass holders where we teach tricks, talk magic, and get feedback and ideas (and share some secrets) for upcoming conventions.

Snag Your UnConventional Pass Now!

Magicland May 29th & 30th - $75
August 28th & 29th - $75
November 27th & 28th - $75
April Virtual Magic Show Ticket - $30
UnConventional.Book PDF - (Unavailable otherwise)
UnConventional.Jams - (Exclusive)

Total Value: $255 - $179.99

Join us for 3 more unforgettable UnConventional Conventions in 2021

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Join us for 3 more UnConventional.Fun magic conventions!

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"Magicland was one of the most interesting things I did during Covid. Great quality content and quirky fun."

Mark Pocan

"Magicland... Another great event by the Toronto Magic Company.
I cannot wait for the next one. A learning expirience for anyone performing magic"

Mark Wicken

"This is the future of magic conventions"

Mathieu Moreau

Got Questions?
We've got answers

Who is behind this?

It's the Toronto Magic Company - Jonah Babins and Ben Train. We used to put on epic events all over Toronto, now we put on epic events like this all over the globe.

What is UnConventional.Fun?

UnConventional.Fun is a 2 day virtual magic convention in an 8-bit video game world featuring the best magicians on the planet. It's epic, and we've got 3 more planned for you!

Why are you doing this?

We did 2 UnConventional.Fun events so far, and the feedback has been INCREDIBLE. With an inbox flooded with the same question: "When is the next convention happening?" we knew we had to make it happen. But why not 3?

And we wanted to put something special together for our community!

How do I get my tickets?

Easy! Click the button and reserve your tickets to the next 3 conventions, plus exclusive bonuses that won't be available anywhere else.

We want you to be part of the fun, and there is no better deal than the UnConventional.Fun Pass!

Where is it taking place?

Right here on the internet! That's the beauty of a virtual convention.

Login to the Magicland world, and the rest is just like a regular magic convention. 

Get your pass today...