Sunday September 27th 9am-10pm (EST)

What Happens When You Cross a Magic Convention with a Video Game?

We've custom built the magic convention of our dreams pixel-by-pixel

Do you miss magic conventions?


That's why we've custom built UnConventional.Fun to include all of your favourite parts of a magic convention - in a virtual world.

Mingle around the 8-bit space jamming with friends, or sit back and enjoy the live lectures and panel discussions being streamed right to your house.

It's 13 hours of magic programming unlike anything you've ever been part of before.

There are only 300 tickets available 76 tickets remaining for this unique virtual event and once they're gone...they're GONE!

8-Bit  Magic

Use the arrow keys to walk around, share, and jam through the virtual convention as if it was an 8-bit video game (yes really).

World's Top Talent

We're talkin' Garrett Thomas, Curtis Kam, Carisa Hendrix, Caleb Wiles, Chris Mayhew, Kainoa Harbottle, and SO many more... 

Fade in Jamming

Mingle your avatar around the virtual convention centre. As you get close to the attendees your video fades into view to jam and hang out.

13 Hours of Magic

9am to 10pm. Lectures, Talks, Themed Jams, Panels, Shows, Games, and More! We've custom built a space with 13 hours of amazing things to do!

Check Your Mailbox

After the convention, each guest is sent a package with a one of a kind book, with essays and tricks from all-star magicians plus other exclusive swag.

Pick n' Choose

This is more than a really long livestream. It's an ACTUAL virtual magic convention. Watch a lecture, jam in the lobby, or off to the dealers room!

SEPTEMBER 27th 9A.M to 10P.M (EST)

UnConventional.Fun starts in...

Our Virtual Line up

Is it cool if we host the worlds best magicians at your place?

Here are some of the incredible magicians you're going to be jamming with at Unconventional.Fun:

Garrett Thomas

The magician's magician, and the closest we're ever going to get to a real life wizard. Garrett is an advisor to David Blaine and one of the most prolific creators in the industry.  His magic, theory and thinking will leave you speechless.

Carisa Hendrix

You already know who Carisa Hendrix is. She's taken over the magic world winning all sorts of awards with her beloved character Lucy Darling. You may have seen her at The Magic Castle, but you've never seen her like this!

Haim Goldenberg

This is one of the top mentalists around. The star of hit T.V show Goldmine, a magic advisor to some of the top performers on the planet, AND the creator of incredible magic used by magicians across the globe. Is there anything Haim CAN'T do?

Kainoa Harbottle

Kainoa Harbottle re-defined coin magic. Known for his ground breaking sleight of hand (including work on the edge palm) . You'll learn something amazing if you're a beginner, intermediate or expert coin magician.

Curtis Kam

We can't talk about coin magic without talking about coin magic legend Curtis Kam. Not only has he created tricks that have become modern classics, he's also invented techniques that have become fundamentals. It's a living legend!

Ben Seidman

Magician and hilarious entertainer Ben Seidman is one of magics best kept secrets with countless sold out shows and college tours. Now, He's partnering with Atlas Obscura and mills entertainment to produce Camera Tricks

Adrian Lacroix

When the entire world went into lockdown, magicians started looking for virtual magic. Quickly one creator's name rose to the top - Adrian Lacroix. His virtual magic tricks have become best sellers (for good reason). Prepare to be fooled!

Tim Hannig

Tim Hannig is one of the busiest children's performers in the world. When he isn't touring schools all over the US and writing books, Tim lectures to magicians helping them improve as performers. No matter who you perform for, Tim can help.

Avi Yap

Avi Yap is an underground coin magic sensation that you have to see to believe. Even then, you won't believe your eyes! Avi's work looks like real magic, and he's going to share some of the secrets to his tricks with you!

Danny Orleans

There are few names that are as synonymous with kids magic as Danny Orleans. If you perform for kids (either virtually or really), this is a guy who you don't want to miss. If you don't perform kids magic... he might just change your mind.

Caleb Wiles

You thought this SUPER-NERD was going to miss out on an 8-bit magic convention? Not a chance! He's been on Penn and Tellers Fool us twice, and has created our (and probably your) favourite card tricks. Rumor has it he's got more to share.

Chris Mayhew

Chris Mayhew is one of the most creative, and funniest people on the planet. When he isn't on stage making people laugh or wandering the woods in deep thought, Chris is probably at a convention holding court with his awesome magic.

Phil Pivnick

Phil Pivnick did more kids birthday parties last year than some pro's do in a lifetime. His secret? Fun engaging magic that gets kids pumped! You're going to learn a thing or two from him about how to bring that energy to your shows.

Colin Robinson

Member of the Boston Magic Lab Colin Robinson has weapons for fingers. He can go toe-to-doe with the best coin and card magicians. He's got lot's to jam about and even better advice. Catch him at the jamming tables or in the lobby.

Abby Segal

An up and comer on the young magician scene, Abby Segal has been blowing minds all over the internet. She's a WICKEDLY talented close up worker and now is your chance to see her perform live. Well, virtually live anyway! 

James Alan

One of Toronto's best kept secrets! James Alan is a talented performer, historian, and director for many local magicians. If you have questions about a trick you're working on, or the production of a future event, this is the guy to talk to.

Elias Arbuckle

Can you say youth sensation? Elias Arbuckle has been sweeping the nation convention after convention. Showing the world the teens can kick ass doing magic too. We weren't going to miss the chance to have him at our convention.

Felice Ling

Felice is the founder of the Boston Magic Lab and a rising star in the world of magic. Pre-pandemic she was a staple in downtown Boston with her busking act, and now she's producing an open-mic magic show online. 

Jonah Babins

Creator of, The Toronto Magic Company, and host of the Discourse in Magic Podcast, Jonah Babins is a modern force in the world of magic theory, card tricks and mind blowing magic marketing secrets.

Ben Train

Creator of, The Toronto Magic Company, Ben Train has done it all. He's entertained and lectured all over the globe, published lecture notes, and toured alongside his heroes in magic. Don't let him near a deck of cards 

Plus... TEN MORE surprise and special guest performers to come

Physical Package Shipped to Your Door

Just because the convention is over, doesn't mean the fun will end. 

Every single attendee will be shipped a package filled with convention goodies we've made just for you! An exclusive Unconventional book, essays and tricks from many of our convention performers, plus a few other surprises that we know you're going to love. 

And guess what? The package is included in the event fees! Just pay the shipping to get it to your front door.
September 27th 9am-10pm EST

Only 300 Available

Your Ticket to Unconventional.Fun


USD + Shipping

13 Hours of Magic Convention Fun
Custom Designed 8-bit Virtual Map
World's Top Magicians
Post Convention Physical Package
A Ton More Surprises

Only 300 seats available!

76 Remaining

"Ben and Jonah put in so much love into every event they put on.
Their attention to detail is AMAZING"

Carisa Hendrix

Multi-Award Winning Magician

UnConventional.Fun starts in...

🎟 What's Included With My Ticket? 🎟

This is more than just a glorified livestream. This is a custom built virtual venue with YOU in mind. We built this convention to not only emulate all of your favourite parts of a real magic convention, but also to take advantage of the virtual ones that have never been done before.

Full Day Convention

13 hours of lectures, shows, panels, and lobby jams with some of the best magicians in the world. Just like a real magic convention but from the comfort of your own home.

Custom Built Space

We've designed the perfect magic convention pixel-by-pixel including a lecture hall, jam space, bars, dealers rooms and so much more. We're making all of your wildest magic convention dreams come true.

Jamming and More Jamming

This isn't just an 8-bit world: As you move closer to other attendees your camera fades into view. That means you can talk face-to-face with everyone at the convention (including our surprise magicians)!