A Two Day  Video Game Magic Convention
Happening in Outer Space

Time to Escape Reality

We designed a video game world - built to include the best parts of an in person magic convention - and put it in the coolest place we could think of: outer space. 

Use the arrow keys to mingle around the virtual planet, hang out and jam with other magicians - or sit back and enjoy two full days of shows, lectures, panels, and so much more.

Oh and after the convention, all of the lectures, panels, and shows are recorded. So you can watch and re-watch them forever.

Get ready for mind-blowing magicians, non-stop jamming, interactive games, amazing prizes, and so much more... all happening live on your computer.

There's limited seats on this flight to space, and once they're gone...
they're GONE.

UnConventional.Fun In Space
Blasting off In:

Our Virtual Line up

We've gathered the best magicians from planet earth to spend two straight days with YOU!

Dani DaOrtiz

Garrett Thomas

Daniel Garcia

Harapan Ong

Ryan Plunkett

Patrick Redford

Eric Leclerc

Abby Segal

Jason Suran

Trigg Watson


Xavior Spade

Fritz Alkemade

Kaitlyn Chen

Evan Northrup

Michael Eaton

Jacque Swan

Noah Sonie

Chris Leuck