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Over the past 19 months we've been supported by the incredible magic community through creative and unique projects.

We wanted to send a little thank you to the community for all the of the fun they've made a time that was strange, and weird for many of us.

So just for fun - and a little bit of magic  - we've put together a bundle with 6 great tricks from ourselves and some of our friends from the past couple of months that we thought you might enjoy for FREE.

Here's the UnConventional Bundle!

Here's what included in your FREE bundle:

6 easy tricks with cards, coins, silks, pencils, t-shirts, and even FIRE!

1: Human Pencil Sharpener
Jonah Babins 

Difficulty: Easy
Munch a pencil into hundreds of little tiny bits, right in front of your audiences nose!

2: LIT
Ben Train

Difficulty: Medium
Turn a friends shirt into your own personal birthday candle. Blow it out, and restore it back to normal.

3: The Push Up Change
Chris Mayhew

Difficulty: Medium
An easy to do colour change that uses moves you already have in your arsenal.

4: The Silk -
James Alan

Difficulty: Easy

Wrap a silk around the stem of a glass, tie a knot, and pull. You better believe it. it goes right through the stem of the glass!

5: Fade-Away Retention - Glenn West

Difficulty: Hard

There are many ways to vanish a coin. The retention vanish is one of the best, and Glenn's retention vanish is one of the best retention vanishes around. Learn it from him directly.

6: All Backs Anomaly - Steve Reynolds

Difficulty: Hard

A funny multi-phase routine where the magician turns over the cards, and repeatedly seals ONLY backs. no faces. It's pretty baffling.

6 Great Tricks from
6 Great Magicians

We gathered 6 incredible tricks from amazing magicians who've been part of UnConventional.Fun. 

Aside from putting on great events, we pride ourselves on not only sharing incredible magicians around the globe, but also - introducing you to some of our favourite magicians who hopefully you haven't heard of. 

For our first UnConventional.Bundle, we've gathered 6 great tricks from 6 great magicians, that you can start doing right away.

Easy, Medium, Hard. And Totally FREE

No matter where you are on your magic journey - we've got magic for you.

These 6 tricks range in difficulty from Easy to Medium to Hard!

Plus we made sure each trick is taught in clear detail so if you do want to learn some difficult tricks, we've got you covered too.

We just wanted to give something awesome and free to the magic community. 

Hope you like it!

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A Quick Hello!

Jonah Babins & Ben Train

We're Jonah Babins and Ben Train.

Founders of the Toronto Magic Company, and most importantly UnConventional.Fun. A Video Game Virtual Magic Convention started in 2020.

We've done 3 conventions so far, and we have ONE MORE coming up soon.

Maybe we'll see you there?

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